The Different Types Of Car Sunshades And The Benefits Of Having Them

There are several types of car sunshades available to choose from, and in this article, we’ll be telling you a bit more about them and the associated benefits of having them. 

Universal Fit – Collapsible Sunshades

This type is made for use on various types of vehicles. It is not an exact fit with the car’s windshield, and there are gaps alongside the edges that permit some sun to get through. These shades typically don’t take up a lot of storage space and are more affordable than custom-made ones. 

Custom-Fit – Collapsible Sunshades

Custom-fit sunshades are manufactured to fit the dimensions of your car model’s windshield. They are designed with the exact dimensions to fit the whole piece of glass. These shades are intended to offer full coverage from the sun and are easily folded up and stored. 

Collapsible Sunshades

Accordion Sunshades

Accordion-style sunshades are folded and unfolded like an accordion. They generally tend to stay in place better than other styles and don’t easily slip off the windshield. They can be purchased for various vehicles such as trucks, sedans or SUVs but are bulkier and take up more space for storage as opposed to the other types of sunshades. 

Benefits Of Sunshades

There are several advantages associated with using car window shades which include: 

Cooling Down The Interior Of Your Car

When your car is parked in the sweltering sun for numerous hours during the day, it can get scorching inside. Generally, the best car sunshades have reflective material that keeps the steering wheel, seats, and seat belts cooled off. A windshield shade can decrease the internal temperature of the car by up to forty degrees. 

Warming The Car Interior During Winter

Quality car sunshades can also assist during the colder winter months. Some even feature heat-absorbing materials that can enhance the inside temperature of your vehicle on those sunny winter days. 

Blocking UV Rays

Side-window sunshades can help protect you and your passenger from the harmful sun rays. Sunshields for truck and car windows will offer protection from damaging UV rays that can cause skin cancer. 

Safeguarding Your Children Against The Sun

Passenger side-window sunshades can protect your child’s skin while sitting in the back seat during a road trip and make the journey a lot more enjoyable for them. It can help by keeping the sun out of their eyes. 

Preventing The Car’s Interior From Fading

Sun rays often lead to extensive damage if not addressed. UV rays can fade the console, upholstery, and dashboard, and it can crack the steering wheel too.

Protecting The Electronics

If you have a DVD player, GPS device, computer tablet, or radar detector inside the car, a good quality sunshade can even keep them your electronics from being damaged by the sun.

They Are Affordable

Sunshades for cars and trucks offer many benefits, and it comes at a reasonably low price tag. There is no reason why one wouldn’t spend a little extra and in return, be more comfortable as well as protecting yourself, your passengers, and your car’s interior from the sun.

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