What Is A Mini Skip? Things To Know About Them

If you are not familiar with mini skips, it refers to containers which are used to keep and remove waste. They are in a position to hold garden waste, demolition waste, and other litter types. There are certain types of guidelines in regard to what you can and cannot put in mini skips.

They are quite useful when you have a small amount of waste and also works well for smaller or restricted working areas. They are affordable as a waste removal method, environment friendly and due to being recyclable, very sustainable.

What Are The Sizes Of Mini Skip?

You will find them in two sizes: 2 meter and 3-meter skips. For the smallest skip size of 2 meters, which are offered for hire, you should note that they can hold up to 25 black bin bags.  For the larger skips of 3 meters, they are able to hold between 35 big bags to 50 large bin bags.

What Are The Uses Of Mini Skip?

You can use them for various domestic and commercial jobs. In use for domestic purposes, you can utilize the skips for making the household job easier. Whether it is kitchen or bathroom renovation, garden cleanups, or refit or redecoration purposes, it is going to work well for you. It comes in handy for jobs which produce minimum waste.

In the past, the skips were made for domestic jobs. But in modern times, you will find them being used for commercial purposes. Due to the fact that they can be used to hold plasterboard waste, you can use them alongside larger skips for the waste of heavier types.

Why Use A Mini Skip?

  • It Is Cheaper:

    Due to the fact that they are the smallest skips, they tend to be cheaper. You will find them to be more affordable and don’t cost as much as compared to the large skips. That could be the reason why they are normally considered among the most cost-effective waste disposal service which is available. You will find it cheaper to hire a mini skip for your commercial or domestic purposes.

  • It Is Environmental Friendly:

    Apart from being cost-effective, the skips are environment-friendly. When you get a skip for hire, you will be able to achieve a recycling rate of about 80 percent. There are cases where the skip-content can be 100 percent recycled such as plastics, paper waste, and metal. This will enable you to save on money as well as contribute to keeping the environment safe.

  • It Doesn’t Require A Big Space:

    Due to the fact that they are small in size as compared to regular skips, you will require minimal space. It is advantageous to have them especially if you are currently working in a small or restricted space. When you place a mini skip on your property, you will be able to save yourself the hassle of having to get a permit for skip hire. There is a fee for the permit and thus, avoiding it will ensure you save some money.

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