What Is GPS Vehicle Tracking For?- Everything You Need To Know

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Today, more and more often, owners of transport companies and vehicle fleets are installing GPS devices on their cars. This inexpensive yet effective technology enables real-time tracking of the vehicle’s route and recording and analyzing it later. But apart from carriers of passengers and cargo, such satellite tracker systems are also available for personal transport.

What Is GPS Vehicle Tracking For?

First of all, the primary purpose of such “beacons” is to control vehicles’ movement. Thanks to the constantly transmitted data, it is possible not only to find out the exact coordinates of the car but also to track whether the driver has turned off the intended route, whether he has been delayed somewhere for a long time, etc.

Also, the GPS sensor allows you to find out other important information:

  • how accurately the driver drives – sharp braking, acceleration, turns are recorded.
  • whether there is overspending or theft of fuel – the gasoline consumption is monitored, idle, quick jumps in the liquid level in the gas tank.
  • suspicious activity report – triggered by the unauthorized opening of doors, ignition on, start of the movement.

Owners of private cars can also install “beacons” to prevent theft, get a detailed report on all movements, find out the car’s current position, etc. This helps save your property and analyze your trips over time, understand how to reduce transport costs, etc.

Why Choose GPS Vehicle Tracking?

The main reason for choosing devices that work with global positioning systems is the availability of technology. Today, many manufacturers produce “beacons,” the cost of which is relatively low compared to other means of protecting the machine.

The self-powered electronic sensor is compact and inconspicuous; it is impossible to find and disable it on your own. You can install it anywhere: in the salon, trunk, under the car body. This does not require special skills or additional devices. The devices are compatible with most modern gadgets and software versions.


How Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Work?

To activate the beacon, you need to insert a SIM card of any telecom operator that supports the GSM communication standard.

After that, you need to bind the tracker sensor to some device – a smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. Monitoring parameters and the frequency and format of notifications are configured through a particular program.

You can set up periodic reports by mail or via SMS and track the car’s location using a satellite in real-time.

Do not worry – the distance or other factors will not obstruct the signal. The technique works at any distance when entering tunnels, underground shelters while maintaining accuracy up to 1-3 meters.

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