Information On Whether It Is Wise To Buy A Front And Rear Dash Cam?

It can be an attractive idea to purchase a front and rear dash camera to provide you with all-round footage of your vehicle in the event of an accident. In comparison to a single dash camera, which only show you footage of the front, it certainly seems like the better option. However, the front and rear dash camera may not be a suitable option. The vast majority of cameras on the market are the single view, designed to be installed over or behind the rear-view mirror to record the road ahead. Some can be designed as a front and rear camera, one camera facing forward and the other to record behind you. These cameras are usually pricey, given that there are technically two cameras. But paying more, it won’t necessarily guarantee a better model. Testing has revealed that the front and rear-facing dash cameras are not always the best option for staying safe on the road. It was found, at best, that there are front and rear cameras that record sharp and smooth footage throughout the day. At worst, it was found that some front and rear dash cameras have low-resolution footage where the road signs and plates are not visible.

What Are The Pros And Cons?

Before choosing a front and dash camera, you must first ask yourself whether this type of camera is going to be best suited for you. Here are the main factors to consider.

Advantages Of A Front And Rear Dash Cam

  • All-round coverage of the road at the rear. This is the main draw of why people like the best front and rear dash cam when deciding to purchase one. However, if your car is rear-ended, you will rarely be necessitated to prove that the accident was your fault, but it can’t hurt to have the footage to back you up.
  • More excellent coverage of the area surrounding your parked car. Dash cameras are not just helpful while you are driving; they can also assist with capturing images while the vehicle is parked. If someone drives into or vandalize your car while it is parked, a front and rear dash camera setup are more is useful to get a good image of the culprit.

Disadvantages Of A Front And Rear Dash Cam

  • Dual dash cameras are more expensive. It is not unusual for models to exceed $200 or even more, primarily because you are purchasing two cameras. The better solution would be to spend half of that for a single front-facing camera. The quality of the recorded footage is vital; therefore, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality just for the sake of getting more of the road. If the recorded footage of a rear lens is blurry or pixilated, it won’t be eligible for use, or it may be non-existent.


Based on the information in this post, it is worth considering all the pros and cons of a front and rear dash camera to best decide if it is going to be the best application for you before purchasing one.

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