5 Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving To Redmonds

Many people consider moving to the Pacific Northwest due to the many business opportunities and its natural beauty. The Greater Seattle region has expanded significantly with regards to innovation and technology. For people that are looking for a place that has the city feel but are less congested, Redmond is an excellent option to consider.

1. Parks and Recreation

Redmond is offering twenty-three developed and eight undeveloped parks to plan an outdoor excursion with the family. Marymoor Park is a favourable choice as it is situated at Lake Sammamish on the north end side. This option is dog-friendly as it has a forty-acre off-leash park for dogs with water access. All-in-all a great spot for having a picnic.

2. Town Center

The Redmond town center has a vast range of restaurants, kid’s play areas and stores, perfect for the whole family. They offer events throughout the year that includes farmer’s markets, art festivals, exotic car shows, and many more.

3. Breweries and Brew Festivals For Beer Enthusiasts

If you enjoy trying out local microbrews, then Redmond is right on trend. You can pick and choose from ten breweries in the area and one of the main events happening over Father’s Day weekend is the Washington Brewers festival every year where you can taste over two hundred beers from sixty-four breweries on display. Kids can play in the kid’s play area and enjoy some delicious root beer. If this convinces you to hire Redmond movers to help you move to this down to earth and friendly city, then no one will lift an eyebrow, as this place offers an outstanding balance between old-world community and the big city.

4. Bicycle Capital of the Northwest Region

Redmond is well-known for being a bicycle-friendly city and are hosting several local bike shops. The city features bike lanes on both sides of the more than thirty miles of streets that you can cycle for getting into shape or just for fun. This community consists of a momentous number of bicyclists, the largest in the Pacific Northwest region.

5. Microsoft and Nintendo

If you’re a tech and games fanatic, then this is the place to be. You can visit the Microsoft visitor center where you can get to know a little more about the history of Microsoft, where it originated and their plans for the future. You can tour the campus with the many pathways and try out the latest products.

After visiting Microsoft’s headquarters, you can pay a visit to Nintendo of America who is boasting all things gaming. The whole building, including the bathrooms and conference rooms are Nintendo themed and boasts a living roof with its vast amount of greenery. It is covered in close to 75000-square feet of ground-covering Sedum plants which were used for insulating the roof from sun-exposure and for capturing rainwater. You can also visit the shop where you can buy Nintendo merchandise.

These attractions are certainly worth considering when you’re thinking about moving to Redmond.

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